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The Best robot lawn mower out there

Wiper Robot lawn mowers. Quality Guaranteed.

Wiper Premium robot lawn mowers are the best of its kind. We have robot mowers available for every type and size of lawns. Pick your model now and leave mowing to the robot!

Fast Shipping

All the models are in stock. All orders will be shipped out the next day.

Best Quality

Wiper robot mowers are 98% made from quality materials manufactured in Italy. The manufacturer Zucchetti has more than 20 years experience in making robot mowers.

Save Money

Robot mowers help you save your time and money. Electricity used to charge an average mower does not exceed €1 per month.

ECO friendly

Petrol powered lawn mowers use 10 times the gas that an average car does. Robot mowers use none. In addition they help to fertilize your lawn.

Our robot mowers

Top class robot mowers for every garden

Wiper robot lawn mowers can cope with every garden. An uneven lawn is not a problem for these robots and the powerful motors made in Europe can climb up the steepest inclines.

Top of the line navigation system together with GPS and SAT technology makes sure that the lawn is cut evenly. Wiper robot mowers can follow routes and cut up to eight zones.

Rain is not an obstacle for the Wiper mowers. All Wipers are rain-proof and on top of that they have rain sensors installed. If you prefer not to run it when it rains you can turn the sensor off.

Fast Shipping. All orders made today are shipped tomorrow.

Robot mower for everyone to every garden

Robot lawn mowers for small gardens

Robot lawn mowers for gardens up to 1800 m².

Robot mowers suitable for medium gardens

Robot lawn mowers for gardens up to 6000 m².

Robot mowers designed for very large areas

Robot lawn mowers for areas up to 20 000 m².

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