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Quality and trust

Wiper robot lawn mowers are manufactured by the Italian tech giant Zucchetti Centro Sistem Spa. The company is known by its smart technical solutions in many industries. Thanks to years of experience it has been made sure than the Zuchetti lawn mowers are resistant, hard workers and reliable. They are also of excellent build quality. 98% of the components are produced in Italy not in China as it is with many other known brands.

Wiper robot mowers are known for their quality and their ability to conquer even lawns that are not as level or neat as they look in the brochures. Ultra durable cutting and wheel motors are built to last and the extra wide and soft rubber tires makes it easier for the machines to manouver even on the uneven ground.

All Wiper robot mowers come with a factory guarantee of 2 years and some of them even have an extend guarantee of up to 6 years or 5000 working hours.

Why us?

We have all the robot mowers available in our warehouse and can ship the orders the next working day.

If you need any help with the installation we offer full after sales service and support so you can make sure your robot mower will be working as it should. For any questions you can contact us via the website chat button, email or telephone.

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